Rack of Lamb Recipe

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Rack of Lamb Recipe


1.      Joey’s special seasoning

2.      Olive Oil


1.     Bonetector

2.      Tongs

3.      Oven mitt


Instructions:1.      Wash Frenched Rack of Lamb with cold water.  Pat dry.

2.      Clamp Bonetector onto bones, and use to manipulate as you apply oil and seasonings, as described below.

3.      Spoon or drizzle a teaspoon or more of Olive Oil onto each side of rack until meat is coated.

4.      Sprinkle Joey’s special seasoning onto meat portion of rack until fully covered, or as desired for taste.  Seasoning has a salt blend; so the more you put on, the saltier the taste.

5.      Place on grill cooking each side until meat is cooked as desired.

6.      As the meat cooks, use tongs to flip rack from side to side so that the meat cooks evenly.

7.      Make certain that when you flip the rack using the tongs, the Bonetector stays in position.  This is best achieved by grasping the Bonetector with the tongs where it is clamped onto the rack.

8.      When meat is finished cooking on the grill, place rack onto plate and remove Bonetector with your oven mitt.  (Caution: HOT!)  Slice as desired.


A.L. and Laura Enjoying Rack of Lamb Bonetector
A.L. and Laura Enjoying Rack of Lamb Bonetector
A.L. and Laura with Rack of Lamb ready to serve